3D Software Cheat Sheets Easily navigate Maya, 3DS, Modo, Lightwave like a boss.    
        Compositing Cheat Sheets Zoom, pan, connect and reconnect NUKE nodes or After Effects layers. One keystroke at a time.    
        Everything at your fingertips Never waste time again opening a menu or reaching for the manual. Shortcuts are everywhere.    

    Chances are, if you're doing any kind of graphic design job, you already know that using both the keyboard and the mouse will save you hours, days and in the long term even years. To train your left hand (or the right one, if you'r left handed) there's one and only one way. Move the mouse to the toolbar, look at the shortcut, then don't select the menu item forcing yourself to use the shortcut instead. In no time the muscle memory gets trained, and shortcuts are part of your everyday design sessions.

But, and this is a large "but", what should you do if the command has no menu? There are hundreds of hidden shortcuts in 3D graphics and compositing apps. Here comes Alt Zoom to the rescue. Even the most obscure shortcut, or the least used one, well organized in a collection of cheat sheets and quick how-tos that will allow you to save time and enjoy the creative side of your work.



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